Video Intercom

Video Intercom Installation

Having a video intercom installed is your best guaranty of security and safety. As video intercom allows you to interact with any persons knocking on your door before allowing access into the safety of your home. Screening visitors is a must nowadays. Don’t open your door to a complete stranger, as most home invasions that results injury or robberies do happen due to unauthorized person entering a secure area such as safety of your home or the restricted areas of a business establishment.

A video intercom lets you decide who can enter your home or business premises before being intimidated by the face-to-face interaction with the stranger. You get the control you need even in those instances when you want to avoid to door-to-door salesmen or other solicitors which real intention are questionable. Don’t become a victim of the circumstances protect yourself and your love ones by screening any person that approaches your property.  Installing video intercom is really affordable and provides added peace of mind when dealing strangers at your door.

The following steps and consideration will give you and idea on how to deal and how to proceed with a new video intercom installation; 

Intercom Wiring Setup & Programming

1) Pre wire Cat5 and power to intercom console unit

2) Trenching and installation of intercom communications wiring

3) Setup new keypad and answering indoor module

4) Intercom phone line access and jack wiring
5) Programming contact memory and pass codes

6) Troubleshoot faulty wiring

7) Upgrade main PCB and software

8) Cable termination and ID

Installing and setting up video intercom equipment

1) Identify terminals and cables

2) Trace wiring if necessary and label as needed

3) Hook up intercom equipment according to specific needs

4) Setup and label wiring inputs including phone line interrupt

5) Install video monitor and wiring

6) Wiring of push-to-release buttons and associated latches

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